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TNFR2 blockade of regulatory T cells unleashes an antitumor immune response after hematopoietic stem-cell transplantation

Audrey Moatti, Anais Debesset, Caroline Pilon, Asma Beldi, Mathieu Leclerc, Benoit Salomon, Sebastien Maury, José Laurent Cohen

Risk of major adverse cardiovascular and venousthromboembolism events in patients with rheumatoidarthritis exposed to JAK inhibitors versusadalimumab: a nationwide cohort study

Hoisnard L, Pina Vegas L, Dray-Spira R, Weill A, Zureik M,Sbidian E.

Adverse events associated with JAK inhibitors in 126,815 reports from the WHO pharmacovigilance database

Hoisnard L, Lebrun-Vignes B, Maury S, Mahevas M, El Karoui K, Roy L, Zarour A, Michel M,    Cohen JL, Amiot A, Claudepierre P, Wolkenstein P, Grimbert P, Sbidian E.

Three-Year Outcomes in Kidney Transplant Recipients Switched From Calcineurin Inhibitor-Based Regimens to Belatacept as a Rescue Therapy

Morel A, Hoisnard L, Dudreuilh C, Moktefi A, Kheav D, Pimentel A, Sakhi H, Mokrani D, Attias P, El Sakhawi K, Champy CM, Remy P, Sbidian E, Grimbert P, Matignon M.

Risk of major adverse cardiovascular events in patients initiating biologics/apremilast for psoriatic arthritis: a nationwide cohort study

Pina Vegas L, Le Corvoisier P, Penso L, Paul M, Sbidian E, Claudepierre P.

Long-term Persistence of First-line Biologics for Patients With Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis in the French Health Insurance Database

Pina Vegas L, Penso L, Claudepierre P, Sbidian E.

High-affinity autoreactive plasma cells disseminate through multiple organs in patients with immune thrombocytopenic purpura

Pablo Canales-Herrerias, Etienne Crickx, Matteo Broketa,AurélienSokal, GuilhemChenon, ImaneAzzaoui, Alexis Vandenberghe, AnggaPerima, Bruno Iannascoli, Odile Richard-Le Goff, Carlos Castrillon, Guillaume Mottet, Delphine Sterlin, Ailsa Robbins, Marc Michel, Patrick England, Gael A. Millot, Klaus Eyer, Jean Baudry, Matthieu Mahevas, and Pierre Bruhns

Anti-CD20-mediated B-cell depletion in autoimmune diseases: successes, failures and future perspectives

Crickx E, Weill JC, Reynaud CA, MahévasM.Crickx E, et al. Among authors: mahevas m

Rituximab-resistant splenic memory B cells and newly engaged naive B cells fuel relapses in patients with immune thrombocytopenia

Etienne Crickx, Pascal Chappert, Aurélien Sokal, Sandra Weller, Imane Azzaoui, Alexis Vandenberghe, Guillaume Bonnard, Geoffrey Rossi, Tatiana Fadeev, Sébastien Storck,  JehaneFadlallah, Véronique Meignin, Etienne Rivière, Sylvain Audia, Bertrand Godeau, Marc Michel, Jean-Claude Weill, Claude-Agnès Reynaud, Matthieu Mahévas

Molecular Signatures of Kidney Antibody-Secreting Cells in Lupus Patients With Active Nephritis Upon Immunosuppressive Therapy

Crickx E, Tamirou F, Huscenot T, Costedoat-Chalumeau N, Rabant M, Karras A, Robbins A, Fadeev T, Le Guern V, Remy P, Hummel A, Aydin S, Lauwerys B, Weill JC, Reynaud CA, Houssiau F, Mahévas M

Maturation and persistence of the anti-SARS-CoV-2 memory B cell response

Sokal A, Chappert P, Barba-Spaeth G, Roeser A, Fourati S, Azzaoui I, Vandenberghe A, Fernandez I, Meola A, Bouvier-Alias M, Crickx E, Beldi-Ferchiou A, Hue S, Languille L, Michel M, Baloul S, Noizat-Pirenne F, Luka M, Mégret J, Ménager M, Pawlotsky JM, Fillatreau S, Rey FA, Weill JC, Reynaud CA, MahévasM.Sokal A

mRNA vaccination of naive and COVID-19-recovered individuals elicits potent memory B cells that recognize SARS-CoV-2 variants

Sokal A, Barba-Spaeth G, Fernández I, Broketa M, Azzaoui I, de La Selle A, Vandenberghe A, Fourati S, Roeser A, Meola A, Bouvier-Alias M, Crickx E, Languille L, Michel M, Godeau B, Gallien S, Melica G, Nguyen Y, Zarrouk V, Canoui-Poitrine F, Pirenne F, Mégret J, Pawlotsky JM, Fillatreau S, Bruhns P, Rey FA, Weill JC, Reynaud CA, Chappert P, Mahévas M.Sokal A.

Factors associated with remission at 5-year follow-up in recent onset axial spondyloarthritis: results from the DESIR cohort

Pina Vegas L, Sbidian E, Wendling D, Goupille P, Ferkal S, Le Corvoisier P,Ghaleh B, Luciani A, Claudepierre P.

Epidemiologic study of patients with psoriatic arthritis in a real-world analysis: a cohort study of the French health insurance database

Pina Vegas L, Sbidian E, Penso L, Claudepierre P.

Head-to-head trials in psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis: how to conclude?

Sbidian E, Pina-Vegas L.

Association Between Biologics Use and Risk of Serious Infection in Patients With Psoriasis

Penso L, Dray-Spira R, Weill A, Pina Vegas L, Zureik M, Sbidian E.

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